Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 191

So today was pretty interesting. Chris got a call from his uncle John this morning asking him to go to and pick up some fish that he was buying from someone on Craig's list. For those that don't know, Chris's family lives about an hour away from my house. So in order to get these fish, take them to his uncle and then come back to my house, we were pretty much going to be making an all day trip around southern California. We set out to Garden Grove to pick up the fish. I told Chris that if I was going to go with him to perform this illegal act, these "fish" are baby Piranha's by the way, then I was going to get to choose where we were eating. We picked up the fish, didn't get arrested and then headed away from Garden Grove to uncle John's work in Santa Monica to drop off the fish.

Once we dropped off the fish, we headed to Hollywood so we could eat at one of my favorite restaurants that I haven't been to in awhile, El Coyote! I love love love this place. They have a Tostada Salad that I would give my left arm for most days. It was the weirdest thing, while we were eating it started pouring the rain outside for about 10 min and then stopped. We had one giant rain cloud that came outta nowhere! We left El Coyote and it was so humid and steamy outside from the rain. Totally weird.

That is pretty much all we did today. I got my good lunch/dinner and I have the picture to prove it:


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