Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 233

Today was fun! Family friends of our own a racehorse that was racing for the first time, so we all went down to Del Mar Racetrack to watch the races. We had a ton of fun (despite sitting in 4 hours to bumper to bumper traffic), we got to go down to the paddock and the owners area to see the horses, we sat in the owners seating and got to park in the owners parking! It was quite fancy shmancy! After the races we went to eat at a restaurant called Pamplemousse. The food was soo good! I had some pomme frits with truffle oil, asparagus soup and a goat cheese and lobster grilled cheese! It was a really fun, but really long day.

Here is a picture of little Jessie making her picks for the day =)


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