Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 66

It's Oscar Day!! In case you didn't read about my love for award shows back on Golden Globes Day, then i will give you a little recap. I LOVE award shows and for the big ones, my family and i make our predictions, put in a dollar and whoever gets the most right wins! It's fun and it gets everyone involved and it is probably one of the only times we all watch TV together! lol.

So, the rest of our Sunday was pretty boring. My uncle that is home from Thailand right now (he is going back April 6th) made us some Thai food on these weird little BBQ things he bought and we all ate out in the backyard. Then I went around and got everyone's Oscar predictions ready to go. My mom got me these awesome fill-in sheets with the categories already listed, so all you have to do is fill in your guess. This is much easier for me when i am trying to mark the right answers on people sheets. During the Golden Globes, each person had like 3 pages worth of predictions to make and when there are 6 of us playing that is a lot of papers to be going through quickly. Anyway, i LOVE the sheets =)

My aunt won the Golden Globes game, but the Oscar race was all ME!!! I won with a whopping 15 right. Actually it was pretty close because my mom had 14 right and my aunt 13 right, but none of that matters because i won! lol.



  1. I really enjoy your blog. We did that this yr with the Oscars and I won. I got 12 right.

  2. I actually thought of you on Sunday because of this. Glad you were victorious. When it comes to betting and pools, Winning is everything!