Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 79

Every year a family friend of ours has a "Party In The Park" for all of his family and friends. Lots of food, lots of people and lots of Jungle Juice! lol. It is always a good time.

After the party, my cousins Nick and Veronika came back to the house to watch movies. They had never seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall (one of my favs) so we watched that first. Then after kinda hopping around from movie to movie on cable, we decided to rent a scary movie. Our TV has the internet on it so we can rent movies from Blockbuster straight onto the TV. I never watch scary movies. Not because they scare me, but because they don't scare me. What is the point of watching a scary movie if you are not gonna be scared? I always have really high hopes for scary movies. I go in really hoping to get scared and it never fails that i leave disappointed. So we rented the movie Paranormal Activity. In the right atmosphere (no lights or noise) i really think it had the potential to be scary! The ending was kinda dumb, but all in all, i actually kinda liked it.

Here is a picture from the Party In The Park today of me, Nick and Veronika:


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  1. You're so lucky. I can't watch scary movies because I'm just freaked out the whole time. Then when it's over, I'm just exhausted!