Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 82

Disneyland day =) A couple weeks ago my mom got a Disneyland pass again finally, so we had to go out to the parks to get her picture taken. It is the month of spring breaks right now so it was a pretty busy day. We were only there for a couple hours but we did manage to get me an iced vanilla latte, see captain EO, shop, eat some lunch, see Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln, head over to DCA, get fast passes for Tower Of Terror, see all there is to see in the animation building, ride Tower Of Terror (always a blast), shop some more and purchase the biggest chocolate and almond covered strawberry i have ever in my life seen. Seriously, i saw it in the case and thought to myself that i needed to buy it just to take a picture of me eating it!!

even in the picture it does not look as big as it actually was! Trust me!



  1. Okay love the shades! [and getting to go to Disneyworld as often as you do must be a lot of fun!]