Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 122

What a day.

I got up this morning, did some quick computer stuff and then started getting ready for the funeral. I had to look good, because this is the first time I was gonna being seeing Chris's mom in 5 years! (that is a whole different story!!)

Well the day didn't go quite as planned. Has anyone else been to a funeral that just has so many issues and drama? Family issues, friend issues, etc. It was RIDICULOUS! I am not gonna get into all the details because it would get confusing, but the short version of it: Chris's mom and brothers did not attend the funeral. The funeral of her brother-in-law and their uncle. I understand they are hurt and angry, but I really think they are gonna regret not being there someday. Oh well.

After the funeral Chris's dad (it was his twin brother who passed) had to work. Don't even get me started on the weird factor of this. But I think that is just his way of dealing with the death of his brother. Anyway, he is an auctioneer. As a favor to a friend he was doing an auction at a hair salon for some event they were having. It was fun! Chris's mom and his brothers came to support their dad for this, since they didn't go to the funeral. Chris's aunt Kate and uncle John came too.

Here is a picture of Art in action:



  1. Neat photo and I love the date stamp. I guess never saw that one before.

    I took a month long blog break, but I'm starting to catch back up.

  2. "But I think that is just his way of dealing with the death of his brother."

    Yeah, everyone's different...for some, the best thing they can do is jump right back into life.

    I have some family members that are quite good at the whole drama thing, so yeah I can imagine.