Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 142

Today was pretty active! Yes, sometimes i do get out of the house and go someplace!! lol. The whole family went out to a early dinner at P.F. Changs today. We got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas last year and we finally found a time to go and use them. Dinner was really good, i haven't been to P.F. Changs is quite sometime, so i forgot how good it is! After dinner we went to the cupcake shop Dolcissimo right across the way from the restaurant. Incase i have never mentioned it before, i am OBSESSED with cupicakes! (yes, i call them cupicakes). We got a dozen of them to try since we have never been to this cupcake place before. We got a couple different chocolate ones, red velvet, tiramisu, pumpkin, snicker-doodle and cookies and cream! They were all really good. The snicker-doodle ones were my favorite. I think the red velvet at Sprinkles was better, but they were good none the less.

Here is Sid with the cupcake box:

After we got the cupicakes, we walked around the outdoor shopping area we were at checking out the different stores. Sid wanted a new wallet (for what, i have no idea) so we were on the lookout. We found a couple different ones but he fell in love when he saw the black and white checkered wallet at the Vans store.

After we got home, we vegged the rest of the night in a Chinese food/cupicake coma!


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