Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 132

Worked this morning. It was actually a pretty good day at work, so i can't complain. Like most Wednesday's and Thursday's, after i get home from work i spend the rest of the day getting scrap work done. Today was no different.

I did notice though that i now how 10 Vinylmation Mickey's!! I would have more but i am really picky about getting them. That is actually gonna change soon now that they are doing the Vinylmation Trade-in program thingy. But back to me having 10 of them. I only need 2 more to fill a case! I really want the display case for them, but couldn't really justify getting one for only the 4 Mickey's i had. But i have gotten a few more every time we go to the parks and now i am getting close =) Here is a picture of the ones i have:


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