Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 131

My mom and I went out to DCA today. It has been probably about a month since we have been to the parks, so we were super excited! lol. The food and wine festival is going on right now, so we made sure to stop at all the eateries to see what the specials were before we decided what we were having for lunch. I ended up with my usual clam chowder bread bowl and my mom got some really good chicken salad in a bread bowl.

My mom has been really brave lately and going on rides that she normally would NEVER go on! Because of this new found bravery, she is obsessed with Tower Of Terror and makes me go on it every time we are at the park. Today she tried Mickeys Fun Wheel and Maliboomer!! She is outta control! She didn't really like either, thank goodness because both of those rides make me feel like crap.

We did go on Tower Of Terror before we left. We were on the right with a girl (she was like 17? maybe?) her mom and her grandma. This girls mom (her first time on the ride) was screaming bloody murder! The girl and the grandma were laughing sooo hard at her screaming as was EVERYONE on the ride with us! It really was hilarious. That is one thing that i really love about that ride. No matter how many times someone has been on it, we all still scream and get into the fun of the ride! So when the ride ended, my mom was laughing saying how funny that ladies screaming was and i was like "you shouldn't be laughing because that is exactly what you sounded like the first time you went on this ride!!" Then to make matters even worse (or more funny) when we looked at our picture, my moms head was turned, looking at the screaming lady and laughing at her!! Oh man. I don't know why i didn't take a picture of the picture because we all had a good laugh over it.

A month or so ago they started test running new trams that have doors on them. Now all the trams have doors, so i finally got to ride on one!


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