Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12

I love Tuesdays! For those that don't know, Tuesday is my Disneyland day. I try to make it a point to go to Disneyland or California Adventure every, although it usually ends up being every other, Tuesday. (I twitter from the park with pics and info and whatnot, so if you want to follow then go HERE). So it is safe to assume that on Tuesdays you will find a picture from the park as my pic for the day.

So today's picture is a rare one! I can't stand It's A Small World. The song, the kids, the line, the cluster of parked strollers, i hate it all!! While at the park today (which was pretty empty, thank goodness) i noticed that there was no line at all for the ride. So i braved it and got lots of great photos! Now i won't have to ride it again for a long time =) So here is my photo for the day:

as you can see, it was 4 o'clock! =)



  1. Living close enough to make a Disney trip every week would be awesome!

    [although that face with the hat is kinda scary]

    Great picture :-)

  2. Awesome pic Tanya and I am so totally jealous about your semi-weekly trips to Disney! Too funny about Small World though!

  3. Wow, that is awesome! Weekly trips to Disney! How cool is that??? Envious!

  4. Okay, I admit it, I'm jealous. See you don't need to get out more often, you're out at Disney.

    I'm trying to make myself get out more, but there's no Disney here. The best I've done so far is to go out an snow blow twice a week. I think I'll go and cry.


  5. How cool is that!! Fantastic photo!

  6. How neat! We've got passes to Disney World, but we don't go every week like you lucky girl!

  7. I miss Cali and going to Disney. You are very lucky to get to go every Tues or other Tues. Love the picture.