Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29

Today was a pretty slow day. I worked this morning then Chris came and picked me up so we could go pick up my cousin Sid for the weekend. Sid is now in love with the music channel (he has always loved music, especially Elvis), so he would not let us watch tv in the living room all night. He just sat in the chair singing along with the Solid Gold Oldies channel. It was actually kinda amazing to see (or hear for that matter) that he knew almost every song! He is 23 with downs syndrome, but that kid has the best memory out of everyone i know. My picture today it Sid sitting in the chair that he sat in ALL night and Chris deciding to entertain him with a dance:


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  1. What an awesome photo! I love that he knows all the words to those songs - and Chris looks like he was showing off some pretty impressive dance moves! Sounds like a fun night :)