Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

Hey everyone! Welcome to day 4! Today was one of those days were i thought that i was gonna have nothing to take a picture of. I was like what? It is only day 4! This cannot be happening to me already. But never fear, in a house with 5 dogs there is always something to take a picture of. It is just a matter of finding the right moment.

So what did i do, never wanting to miss a moment, i grabbed the camera and followed the girls into the backyard on their potty break! lol. They have a routine, my crazy pups. They go to the bathroom and then they play. Holly stands on the patio barking at Roxy and Chloe. Roxy stands in-between Holly and Chloe like the moderator and Chloe just barks in Roxy's ear the entire time. Every time they go potty. Which brings me to the picture. This picture is a perfect example of Chloe barking in Roxy's ear, while Roxy is being the moderator between her and a non-visible Holly =) (does any of that make sense? lol).



  1. They are so cute!! I can't believe you have 5 dogs - wow!

  2. I didn't last two days without a dog photo. I've got my 365 blog going but it's not pretty yet. Figure I can do that later.

  3. That is too funny!!She just look like she couldn't be bothered with the barking!

  4. Looks like she's got it all under control! Great pic!