Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19

Oh man is was a super rainy day here in southern California. We don't get rain here to often and when we do people start to freak out. Like seriously freak out. There was a tornado warning. Flood warnings. Freeway closures. You name it and we were warned about it. Apparently a tornado of some sort did touch down about 30-40 miles away from my house. I don't think that is a big deal, but for some reason the school system around here thought it was reason enough to close down the schools. The worst of the rain is supposed to hit tomorrow (like today wasn't bad enough) and they have already started evacuating people in the burn areas. I am sure some people are in some sort of danger, but when it starts to rain in southern California, watch out, because the south land as a whole forgets how to function. lol.

The only good thing that comes out of a rainy (actually pouring rain) day is nice pictures =) so here is mine for Day 19:



  1. I thought about you tonight when our news was talking about you weather. I'm just over in the AZ, CA, NV tri-state area so people here are getting all crazy too! At least you guys have some weather to really worry about! Try to stay dry!

  2. Obviously rain to CA is like snow/ice to AL, lol. Sorry, it sounds pretty crazy out there!

  3. LOL, that sounds like what happens when it snows here (and it's not like it's rare to snow in NJ!) All the stations talk about "It's going to SNOW", and then they run out (EVERY time) & get milk, eggs, and bread (my mom & I always joke that all they can do is make french toast ;)) and shovels. Like they need a new shovel every time. My mom spent the last few days of our Disney trip worrying about the snow back home (so annoying.) I never get the freaking out over weather like this.

    Now, I did freak out when I saw Disneyland's main street flooded yesterday! I have priorities. ;)