Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28

So on Saturday morning, my mom slid on our hardwood floor and smacked the top of her head on the door frame leading into our kitchen. Technically it is her own fault for spilling her water in that same spot the night before, which led to her having to clean and polish the floor, which led to her slipping on said spot. Well, for the past couple days the bruise from the top of her head has been slowly crawling down to her face. When she woke up this morning it finally reached her eye! It is the weirdest thing because it came out of nowhere! I may or may not have laughed at her:



  1. Ouch! That's the same day Ollie slid into something and broke his toe.

  2. Oh no! That bad thing is...I would have probably laughed, too, as I was rushing to make sure she was alright. Am I bad? :-)