Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6

So i totally forgot about taking a picture today. I didn't do much, so it never really crossed my mind. So i tweeted not that long ago "holy crap! i don't have a picture for 365 yet today!! i need ideas fast people, lol!!" luckily, i have some pretty great friends out there that gave me some suggestions. The winner was Heather with this tweet: "Take a pic of you tweeting. :P" She is so smart! Mostly because that really is what i did the majority of the day today, lol. So without further ado, my picture for Day 6:

See you tomorrow everyone!!



  1. Ha, ha! Another reason for me to stay away from tweeting. But, I did pick up a little book at Target the other day for $1.00, the pocket edition of "Twitter for Dummies".

    As much as you cannot think about what to take a picture of, I would never think of what to tweet.

  2. I find this humorous. I don't remember seeing you tweeting... but I might've been gone all day. Actually, I think I was... sorry I missed you!