Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47

So tonight Chris and I watched all of the Olympic coverage I have recorded so far. I can't get the guy to go to Disneyland with me but for some reason he is all for watching figure skating. lol. He is also a good sport (most of the time) when it comes to my picture taking. I told him i wanted my picture of the day to be him doing a figure skating pose while actual figure skating was on the TV in the background. i know! great idea right =) Well, he did it. It was a funny picture, but it then led to us trying to get pictures of us jumping in the air. I have never tried this before, so it was fun. Chris's picture turned out really funny so i decided no to use it on the blog because i think i might use it in a layout.

so my picture for today is MY jumping picture!! Chris did a pretty great job on this considering that guy takes horrible pictures:



  1. This IS a pretty great action shot Tanya!!

    Thanks sooo much for all your comments too - totally made my day. Oh, and unless your aka is Princess, I think you're totally outta luck on the kitten name, LOL!!!

  2. cute pic Tanya!! you are so perfectly posed in midair...love it!