Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49

Today my mom made our famous taco's as a belated birthday dinner for my cousin Barry. Barry is the only one that gets taco's for his birthday (or any day for that matter). This is the only time these taco's are made all year. I personally like tostada's better, so my mom always makes me some tostada shells. They are quite yummy.

I posted a few days back that i am also keeping a journal through this 365 process. Well, not so much It was becoming a pain, so i am gonna use this trusty blog as my journal instead =) So bear with me as i recall my day.

We watched the Olympics tonight. Mens long program was on and it was soooo good! I always forget how much i love figure skating until the olympics is on. It is so inspiring.

Anyway, here is my picture.....the taco's!!:



  1. Are those homemade shells? Yummo!!!

  2. Tacos are my daughter's favourite meal ~ if she could eat nothing but tacos everyday, all year, she'd be one happy duck. :-P

  3. Need that recipe! They look so good, and since I'm in Africa all my mexican needs to be made from scratch! Maybe you could pm me on SM :)Unless it is a family secret!