Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41

So, one of the posts i did in the first week of this project talked about how anal i am about having to have everything a certain way on this blog. I like to use the same actions for each month. January's pictures all had the same action and date type, now February has the same action and date stamp. Not only that but i am a stickler about having a post every day. I refuse to double up days. So i took my picture today and got so into a LO i was doing that i forgot to post it before midnight!!! I almost freaked out. Almost. This is how bad my OCD can be sometimes. Instead of just sucking it up and posting a couple hours late, i instead went into my settings and set my blog to Hawaii time to give me an extra 3 hours. How pathetic is that?? lol.

Anyway, i posted a few days ago that the family laptop broke, so we had to break down and buy a new one. It is very pretty and very shiny and very wide-screen. It is pretty awesome i must admit (even though it is a PC, lol). It is all set up and working now, so that is my picture for today. The new Dell:


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  1. OK, you totally crack me up Tanya! That is tooo freakin' funny about changing the settings on your blog clock!!!