Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58

I really wish i had a picture of my pissed off face today when Chris dragged me off my comfortable couch where i was scrapping, to go out in the pouring rain to a STUPID liquidation sale at the fairgrounds. He never ever listens to me. Ever! and everytime something ends up being a waste of time or something gets messed up, i have to look at him and say "why don't you ever listen to me?!?!". I am always right. Well, most of the time. And i was right about this. He wanted to go to this Clothing/video equipment/electronics liquidation sale so bad today that he volunteered to pay for everyone to go. So $40 for tickets and $10 for parking later, we had nothing to show for it. Because everything was crap, just like i said it was gonna be!

Since i didn't get a picture of that fiasco, i instead took a picture of my beautiful baby. and her painted nails =)



  1. They just need to learn we are right and pay attention to what we say! (I'll blog about something similar soon and let you know when it's there, it's priceless).

    I've learned to profit from these event. Just make a bet every time. Candy bars, money, dates, trips to Disney, cooking dinner, whatever your heart desires. They just cannot help themselves. In our 19 years of marriage and 6 years of dating, Mark: 1-2 bets one, Judy: every other bet. You should just see when his face now when I say, "I'll bet ya!" And yet he'll still take the bet.

  2. Your dog.. is wearing.. nail polish. :-o

    Okay, now I've seen everything! *grin*