Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54

For the last week i have been telling myself that i was not gonna go out to Disneyland for the re-opening of Captain EO today. Then last night when it was announced that they were letting people start to line up at midnight for the 10am showing, i thought, that is insane!! So i made plans to go to the movies with my mama today. I got up this morning, looked through my tweets at the pictures of all the people going to see Captain EO and again thought to myself, there are way too many people there! I hate crowds like that! And that i would just go see it next week. Then when we were about to leave for the movies, i looked at the free tickets my mom said she had for us to use only to see that they expired in 2003! Really?? How did she not see this??

So we didn't go to the movies.....instead, i did exactly what i said i wasn't gonna do:

oh and it was sooo worth it! It was always one of my favorite things at Disneyland and i forgot how much i loved it until today! And when i got there, there was no wait =)

then to top off my awesome Captain EO day, while at Disneyland i got the email saying that i made the SM CT!! i was also at Disneyland when i got asked to be on Britt-ish Designs CT, so i am thinking that Disneyland is good luck for me =)

other than all of this, i came home with a headache, got no scrapping done and spent the rest of the night sitting on my butt doing nothing =( lol!!



  1. I loved going to see Captain EO when it was at Disney. Glad you got in and no wait. :)Sorry about your mom and her expired tickets. lol

  2. Tanya...that is awesome. I saw Captain EO at Epcot when I was in High School. I remember totally enjoying it, but not enough to spend the night outside Disney's gates! :)Congrats on SM CT...we get to work together again :)