Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48

Hey everyone! Today's picture was not my idea. Though it was a brilliant one from a friend of mine at work. If i am not working, then i am at home in my pj's. I wear pj's everywhere. The grocery store, Starbucks, the bank, the name it and i go there in pj's. Well, pajama pants to be more clear. Usually with a t-shirt or a tank top or a sweater. Whatever my mood fancies. So when searching for an idea for a picture today, i was asked "well what are you gonna do today?" Well i thought, probably the same thing i do everyday. Work, get home and sit on the couch with my computer and watch TV the rest of the day. To which i was then told that i should take a picture of all of my beloved pajamas since i spend so much time in them =) Ask and you shall receive, this is most, but not quite all, of my pajama pants (i love them all!!):


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  1. Oh those are cute ~ especially the ones in the middle with the crabs!