Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100

Day 100!! Woot Woot!!

I had to work this morning =( I hate working on Saturdays, so i try not to do it very often, lol. The rest of the day was spent not doing very much at all.

I don't know if i have ever mentioned it before, but Chris sleeps more than any other person i have ever met. I thinks he sleeps as much as the dogs. If he sits down for more than 5 minutes then he will fall asleep, it doesn't matter where he is. A chair, the floor, an airplane (he sleeps through take-offs and landings) and he even fell asleep on a park bench at a family birthday party not too long ago.

I took this picture because a) he was sleeping as usual. b) it was only 7:30pm and c) sometimes he sleeps in the weirdest positions. Looks like he was "thinking" while sleeping today:


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