Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 109

I called the doctor today to see if they could get me in to look at my toe. I have kept the toe wrapped up and when it is like that, there is little to no pain. But when i take the wrapping off, the bruising is gradually getting a little worse and every little movement hurts a little. So the doctor took a look at it real quick and then sent me over for x-rays. Since my appt. was late in the day, i won't be able to get the results of my x-ray till tomorrow. The doctor did say that if it is broken towards the end of my toe, then all i can do is keep it wrapped until it heals. If the break is further down my toe closer to the rest of my foot, then my foot will have to be put in a cast!!! Wha?? That would be NO BUENO! Lets hope it isn't that extreme. I will let you know tomorrow =)

Our dog Chloe, she is kinda the weird one (she gets freaked out easily. i.e. flashing lights, the tv, the vacuum etc.), has had one hell of a time going up and down the stairs ever since we put in the hard wood floors. Usually we have to carry her up and down the stairs. Almost everytime she comes down the stairs she gets going too fast and then either slides or tumbles down the stairs. Going up the stairs, she takes off running and then ends up skidding out and falling back down. lol. She is crazy.

So when my aunt came home from work today, she said they put in a new pet store by her work and she bought Chloe a present. She got her non-skid socks for dogs!!! They are the funniest things ever. Chloe is not a fan of wearing clothing. When you put clothes on her, she just stands there. She won't move. She won't sit. Nothing. So we put the socks on her and at first she wouldn't move. Then we started calling her and when she moved she was doing that weird foot kicking thing that animals do when something is on their feet. Then she kinda got used to them! She went up and down the stairs with no sliding at all, lol. She still didn't really like them, but we will work on that. She is a small dog and she is 10 years old so all that falling up and down the stairs can't be good for her, so anything to help with that is nice.

Here is Chloe is her socks =)



  1. oh my gosh Tanya - those have to be the stinkin' cutest things EVER!!!

  2. Oh my heavens! those are the funniest little things! :-P

    [and goodness, what happened to your toe? or I guess I might see if I read back farther!]

  3. OMGosh! She looks so cute! I'm glad she's getting used to them - all that slipping and sliding can't be good for her - SO cute!

  4. She is adorable, and that is a GREAT shot!

  5. That is just so funny! She even has that look of, what the heck are they doing to me now!