Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105

About 8 or 9 years ago uncle Ronnie bought a 1930 Model A. It ran perfect and was in great condition! He wanted to start taking it apart and getting things redone (i am not sure of technical car terms, lol) so he could turn it into a hot rod. He took the car apart, got a new motor, had the body redone, blah blah blah. All within the first year of having the car. Then like with most things that he does, he lost interest. So the body for the car has been sitting in his garage and the motor has been on a stand in his house for like 7 years. When he came home a couple months ago, he decided he was gonna sell the body of the car. Being the procrastinator that he is, he put it up on ebay a week before he was set to leave again. It sold to a dude in Washington in just enough time for my uncle to tell the guy that he need to some and pick it up and that Chris will be the one he needs to talk to about the car since he is leaving the next day for Thailand.

After a huge ordeal, we got the body of the car to our house. Then the guy that bought it took forever to get the shipping figured out, so the car sat in our drive way for almost a week. Then finally someone came to pick it up today. We had to round up some neighbors because we have no men that live in our house, to help get the car onto the truck because it is just the body, no tires. I made sure to take pictures because they way it was on this truck did not look safe, but the guy already paid and was told that it was his responsibility to provide shipping. So i needed to document that the car did leave our house in one piece. Anything that happens after that is not our fault. lol.

So here is the car on the truck, goodbye Model A!


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