Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 111

I went back to work today. Thank goodness it wasn't very busy because after being on my feet for a couple hours, my toe was starting to ache really bad.

After i got home, my mom and i had to go pick up the pups at the vet. They got their shots, their teeth cleaned and their nails trimmed. There was a bit of a scare with Chloe, our oldest pup, when they put her under anesthesia. The oxygen levels in her blood dropped really low, so they had to bring her out of it. So her teeth didn't get cleaned today. Instead they ran a bunch of other tests on her to try and figure what happened. Roxy, my pup, had a skin tab removed from her eye which ended up being deeper than they thought, so now the poor baby has a couple stitches in the corner of her eye.

Other than that, the rest of my day was filled with scrapping and TV watching. Which is my picture for today! One of my favorite show started last week, The Tudors. It is the last season for it to be on =( I hadn't watched the first episode yet of this new season, so i watched that and the second episode was up on demand as well, so i got to see both!


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  1. i LOVE the Tudors! I am bummed about it ending too!