Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106

Yay, it's a Sid weekend. I love weekends when my cousin Sid is at our house. My mom made some veggie wraps (sooo good) and we watched Planet 51. Cute movie. Not great, but not bad either.

I know i have mentioned before that Sid's main love in life are Hot Wheels. He has thousands of them, but lately he is obsessed with vans. For the most part they are all modified VW Buses. But by modified, i mean they are hand painted, limited editions and are not cheap. He loves them and we love making him happy. When ever we get a new one for him, they always come in a display case. We tried at first to convince him to leave them in the cases, but that didn't really fly. He doesn't destroy them, but eventually they do get the normal wear and tear from being in his pocket when he transports them from his house to our house. So today, my aunt bought him a pack of baby socks to put each car in and then put in his pocket so that they do not scratch each other. He thought this idea was brilliant!! He promptly sat down and started putting them in the socks and then thanked aunt Pam because it was such a good idea:



  1. Oooh, good idea!! :) Bet the Hot Wheels collection is Very Cool. (Had a favorite as a kid...:D)

  2. What a great idea!! So glad to see you back posting Tanya!!