Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116

Today started out good and then turned to crap fast.

I didn't have to work today. Good. My cousin Barry came over to interview my mom, my grandma and me for a music class he is taking at school. Good. After that, i went and got my nails done. Always good. I got a haircut! For someone that does hair, it is ridiculous that i haven't had a haircut for at least 6 months. I love getting haircuts. Good. On my way home from my haircut, i get a call from Chris saying that his uncle died. Crap.

I have only met his uncle a handful of times and he was a great guy. Chris is taking it pretty hard. This particular uncle is Chris's dads twin brother. They were really close and his death was unexpected so that always makes it harder.

So that was my crazy day. Here is a picture of my haircut:


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  1. I'm sorry about his uncle :-( ..that's not exactly the sort of news that a person wants to hear.

    Your hair looks lovely! I've been thinking - maybe - possibly - thinking - about getting mine cut. Hairdressers scare me :-P [that would be why my hair is down to my tailbone]