Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 110

Oh man. Most days when i say i did nothing, that usually means i went to work and then came home and did the usual stuff. Just nothing out of the ordinary. But today, i seriously did NOTHING. No work, toes is still hurt and i didn't even get out of my pajamas.

I did call the doctor about my x-rays this morning and she said that she didn't see a break, but that i should still keep it wrapped until it starts feeling better. So that is a relief, because a cast would have been horrible! I also forgot to mention yesterday, that when they weighed me at the doctor, i found out that i have lost 5 and a half pounds =) So my diet is going well!

My picture for today is of the only shoes that i can wear without causing any pain to my poor toe. lol. My fun fuzzy booty slipper things:


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